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The Lions Tale is the official newsletter of the Vancouver Lions Club. Past issues are available by clicking the links, to the right, on this page.

The Lions Tale is published by and for the Vancouver Lions Club, usually monthly, occasionally more frequently, sometimes randomly, and has been so published since the Club was chartered on September 12, 1928. PDG J.D. Nellor, is the current editor and publisher.

MOST RIGHTS ARE RESERVED; Nonetheless, anything that appears in The Lions Tale may, unless and until the Vancouver Lions Club decide otherwise, be copied or distributed without charge.

The editorial policy of The Lions Tale is, has been, and shall remain, utterly arbitrary. Any apparent consistency in the execution of the editorial policy is merely an illusion.

The Lions Tale is distributed, free of charge, to members and friends of the Vancouver Lions Club. Distribution is by email, in pdf format. Paper editions are available. For subscriptions or address changes, contact the Editor at P.O. Box 441, Vancouver, WA 98666.

The Lions Tale never makes its subscriber list available to anyone, any time, for any reason, no matter how well or how much they grovel.

LIMITED WARRANTY: We warrant that most of the information contained in The Lions Tale is useful and correct most of the time, although drivel and mistakes are included from time to time, usually unintentionally. Interpretations of, or conclusions gleaned from, the contents of The Lions Tale, or the lack thereof, are solely the view of the reader.

LIABILITY FOR ERRORS OR OMISSIONS SHALL BE LIMITED TO THIS PUBLICATIONS PURCHASE PRICE. In no case shall the Vancouver Lions Club, its members, or the editors of or contributors to The Lions Tale, be liable for any actual, incidental or consequential damages, real, feigned or imagined.

All contents of The Lions Tale, as well as the names “The Lions Tale”, “The Lion's Tale”, “the tale” and “the LT” are trade names of The Vancouver Lions Club, ©2006–2021.

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