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The Melvin Jones Fellowship, named after the founder of Lions Clubs International, was created by the Lions Club International Foundation in 1973 as the highest form of recognition to acknowledge an individual’s dedication to humanitarian service. Membership in the Fellowship is an honor, not an award. The following Vancouver Lions have been honored with Melvin Jones Fellowships:

Melvin Jones Fellowships

Name Date
Linda Bannon, PP June 16, 2011
Donald Behrends February 7, 2011
Emil B. Fries, PP May 27, 1992
T. E. (Ed) Hewitt, PDG January 9, 1988
Dean Landers, PP June 18, 2015
C. Duane Lansverk, PP May 21, 2003
William Lothspeich, PZC February 7, 2001
Robert Mealy, PP May 13, 2004
John D. (JD) Nellor, PCC June 4, 2007
Ned Olson, PP June 16, 2011
A. C. (Bud) Passmore, PID January 9, 1988
Mary Peck, PP June 20, 2003
Robb Peck, PP December 21, 2017
F. Douglas Rae, PZC May 22, 2002
Brian Rerick, PP June 18, 2015
Howard Robertson June 16, 2011
Doug Van Ness June 20, 2019
Louis Verkoelen, PZC January 1, 2001